The Roots of Music Rebrand

The Organization

The Roots of Music is a non-profit music education program in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, many grade school music programs were discontinued due to financial constraints or damage to the school. The Roots of Music was started in 2007 as a way to continue New Orleans' rich music heritage. Children age 9-14 join for free, receive a free meal everyday, and perform with The Roots of Music Marching Band.


The Old Brand

The Roots of Music's brand problem begins with their logo. It is used inconsistently and is too detailed to appear at any reasonably small size. Their old website was completely outdated. Navigation was clunky, information architecture was chaotic, and image quality was poor.

Midway through this rebrand, the organization completely redesigned their website. However, this gave rise to new problems: misuse/lack of logo, inconsistent imagery, and unintuitive navigation.


Logo Redesign

My goal in redesigning The Roots of Music logo was to create a symbol of pride for any person who adorned it. It needed to be sleek and sophisticated while remaining easy to read. 




Brand Book