Red Barn

The Problem

The Red Barn is one of the top collegiate indoor rock climbing facilities in the country and one of the least well known buildings at RIT. That is why myself, along with Mimi Ace, Eliza Tehan, and Carina Singletary created the Red Barn responsive website. With four target users in mind, we designed the website to inform expert climbers and newbies alike.

The Users

The Structure

We developed our information architecture using personas and other user testing methods such as card sorting, scenarios, user flows and surveys.

There are 4 main sections:

  1. Home – All general information about the Red Barn.

  2. Events & Meetings – Red Barn news and events, as well as information about the climbing team, climbing club, and climbing class offered at RIT.

  3. Never Been? – Information for beginners. Everything from tutorials to facility expectations can be found here.

  4. Rates – Financial information about the Red Barn.


User Testing


The Result

An easy to use, responsive website meant to remove mystery and feelings of discomfort about the Red Barn, while providing information about all associated climbing activities at RIT. 


Invision Mockups

Mobile               Tablet               Desktop